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Spice Up Valentine’s Day With These Top Tips

Girl holding lots of valentine presents

Valentine’s Day can get a bit predictable for some couples. A bunch of red roses, a soppy Valentine’s Day card with a cheesy poem and an overpriced meal out, surrounded by other loved up couples. Why not breath a new lease of life into Valentine’s Day this year with these exciting new ideas.


I fancy the pants off you, funny valentine wrapping paper


Nothing says I love you more than putting effort into a present. It’s not about how much you spend, its about the thought behind it. Why not swap out the red roses for a present with meaning and love behind it. This Personalised ‘Reason’s Why I Love You’ book is bound to get you in their good books. Not only can you customise the front cover with your partners name, but you can also stick photos of them on each page? It makes a lovely gift that is perfect for looking back at from time to time. Keep it stored in it’s gift box, and it will be protected for years to come. You can’t get much more thoughtful stationery than this scrapbook of love. 



If you fancy being extra romantic this year, how about writing your partner a love letter? It is far too easy these days to say ‘I love you’ via emails or texts, but can you get anymore romantic than an actual love letter through the post? If you wanted to take it a step further, you could post a love letter everyday in the buildup to Valentine’s Day. Why not let them know in each hand written letter, a reason why you love them? Try spraying your perfume or aftershave on the letter paper, for added romance. Perfect for an old school romantic at heart.



If you are looking for a present that will bring some more excitement into your date ideas, then why not check out these ‘Love Vouchers’? Each voucher gives you an experience that your partner can choose to use when they want. From watching the sunset, to getting a takeaway of their choice. A lovely way to show your partner that you appreciate them and all they do for you. 



Of course if you wanted to really spice up Valentine’s Day this year, you could always propose! Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a scratch to reveal, surprise proposal card. Watch as they scratch of the metallic heart and reveal the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ underneath! A beautiful way to propose that they will never suspect. It will certainly be a Valentine’s Day that you will both never forget!



If you still need some ideas for Valentine’s Day, just have a browse at our collection of stationery Valentine’s Day gifts. You are bound to find something for your loved one.

And finally… Just remember, whatever you do on Valentine’s Day or whatever gifts you give, the key thing is spending time together and making memories with each other. Time for each other is the greatest gift you can give.

Making Meadows x