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6 Stationery Products To Help You Get Organised

6 Stationery Products To Help You Get Organised

We understand that the new year can often feel daunting and can come with added pressures. As everyone around you sets new year resolutions and goals for the year ahead, it is easy to get swept up in the hype of it all.

Setting goals for the future and creating new habits isn’t a bad thing if it is done on your own terms and not just because everyone else is doing it. Sometimes change can be good, but only if YOU want to make that change.

These days everyone has busy lifestyles with plenty of daily demands. If you slip off the band wagon on day two of your healthy eating plan, it’s ok. If you skip the gym because you feel tired, that’s ok too. If you write a long to do list and only tick off half of them, this is still ok! The world is not going to end.

If you do decide the time is right for you to set some new goals, we would love to help you do it in style. Here at Making Meadows, we may not be able to help you fulfil your goals, but we can certainly help you to do it in style. Our beautiful stationery and stylish planner pads are guaranteed to help you feel organised, one day at a time.

Here are our top 6 stationery products that we believe are a must for getting organised this year!

1. Weekly Planner Pads are the perfect way to plan out your life in a more manageable chunk. Just take one week at a time. If you miss a week, it doesn’t matter because unlike a diary, these planner pads are undated.  

Floral meadow weekly planner pad

2. Monthly Planner Pads are the perfect accompaniment for your desk. Great for keeping track of work goals or busy schedules. If you struggle with weekly planners and wish to organise further into the future, then a monthly planner notepad may be better suited to you.

Monthly planner pad

3. Notebooks are a great way of writing down those last-minute thoughts you have before you go to sleep. Clear your mind of any to do lists floating around your head to insure a restful night. Why not pick yourself up one of these personalised notebooks. You can even choose between lined and unlined paper.

pink floral personalised notebook

4. Daily Planner Pads are perfect for busy people who need a bit more space to write down their daily routines. These organisation pads have lots of space on them to plan, perfect for any stationery lover. With an 'important notes' box, a daily schedule section and ample space for a to do list, you are bound to whizz through your daily tasks with ease and style.

pink floral daily planner pad

5. To Do List Pads are a great stationery product for dotting about the house. Why not use a shopping list pad for keeping near the fridge. Perfect for when you are cooking and realise you have run out of salt! Or perhaps a Botanical to do list pad to compliment your work desk. Our botanical notepad pairs beautifully with gold, if we do say so ourselves.

shopping to do list pad

6. Calendars are a great way to plan out the whole year. Never miss another birthday or important date with our premium 2023 calendar. Filled with beautiful illustrations of flora and fauna; not only is it pretty, but it is also practical.

2023 flora and fauna calendar

Finally, remember to not be too hard on yourself. If you don’t achieve everything you set out to do, just remember to take a step back and think about what you have achieved. Take things slow and at your own pace. Avoid pressures set by other people.

Just remember to set yourself realistic goals. Why not start off small with goals that are aimed at one week, not a whole year or a whole lifetime. If you achieve your goals that week, then set yourself the challenge of a month. Slow and steady wins the race!

If you feel inspired and want to make healthy changes in your life, why not have a browse of our stationery here.

It's time to get organised.... if you want to! 

Making Meadows x