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Valentine’s Day Stationery Gifts for Every Love Language

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This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the ordinary and express your affection in a way that resonates with your loved one’s love language. At Making Meadows, we’ve curated a collection of exquisite valentine stationery gifts that cater to every love language, embracing the beauty of connection through the written word and the gift of giving.

Words of Affirmation: Elegant Writing Sets
For those who treasure words, gift an elegant writing set featuring beautiful designs inspired by love. Personalise the set with a heartfelt note to affirm your love through the beauty of written expressions. This letter can be kept as a keepsake for years to come. 

Acts of Service: Customisable Organisers
For the practical minds who appreciate acts of service, consider a customisable planner pad to help your partner get organised. Customise the pad with their name. You can even write some date ideas throughout the planner on different days.

Receiving Gifts: Personalised Love Letter
Why not write your loved one a beautiful love letter. Keep it simple and let them know how much they mean to you. Could even write a poem to gift if you were feeling extra creative. We have beautiful love letter sets that come with a decorated envelope, a beautifully designed writing paper sheet and a small envelope of confetti. 

personalised love letter with confetti

Quality Time: Couple’s Calendar
For those who value quality time, a calendar is a thoughtful choice. Mark special dates, anniversaries, and shared goals, creating a visual representation of your time together. Each month becomes a shared journey.

Culinary Love: Recipe Card Collection
For those who express love through culinary endeavours, gift a beautifully designed recipe card collection. Write down your favourite recipes together, creating a delightful bond through shared meals. Why not both choose a recipe to make together on Valentine’s Day? 

Acts of Kindness: Handwritten Love Coupons
Give your partner thoughtful love coupons as a valentine stationery gift. You can offer acts of kindness or special treats tailored to your partner’s preferences. It’s a charming way to express love through thoughtful actions. Why not add an element of fun to your love vouchers by hiding the special treat under a scratch to reveal sticker.

Pink Love Vouchers With Scratch Off Surprise

For The Fun One: Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Organise a scavenger hunt around the house with secret clues dotted around the place. You can surprise them in bed with breakfast and their first clue card. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can hide a present for them to find. They will have fun running around and collecting the clues. If you are stuck on ideas for a scavenger hunt, we have taken the hard work out of it and created a valentines scavenger hunt kit. With everything you need to create the perfect scavenger hunt for your partner.

Green Hearts: Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Stationery
For environmentally conscious individuals, choose eco-friendly stationery made from recycled materials and FSC certified paper. Show love not only to your partner but also to the planet by opting for sustainable gifts and sustainable stationery. If you wish to learn more about our sustainability journey, check out our sustainability page.

Romantic Souls: Love Letters in a Bottle
Embrace the romantic spirit with written love letters enclosed in a decorative bottle. Write heartfelt messages on delicate letter paper stationery, symbolising a collection of your shared sentiments. You can break the bottle open on an important anniversary in the future, or keep adding love letters to the bottle every year as a tradition.

This Valentine’s Day, transcend the ordinary and let your love be expressed through stationery made with love, for love. At Making Meadows, we celebrate the diverse languages of love, offering an array of Valentine’s Day gifts that speak to the unique qualities of each heart. Whether through elegant writing sets, personalised planner pads, or love inspired scavenger hunts, let your love note be a symphony of affection that echoes through every love language.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Making Meadows x