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Top Stationery Gifts for Your Work Friend

pastel ballpoint pens

In the bustling world of deadlines and meetings, the bond with a work friend can bring joy, support, and a touch of humour to the daily grind. Show your appreciation with thoughtful stationery gifts that not only add a touch of style to their workspace but also make their workdays a little brighter. Here's a curated list of the best stationery gifts to give your work friend.

Elegant Pen For Their Desk

Upgrade their writing experience with an elegant pen. Whether it's a classic pen with gold accents or a modern ballpoint pen in pastel shades, a quality pen can make a significant difference and add a touch of sophistication to their work tools. Plus, they will never have to borrow your pen again! 

Customised Notebook For Meetings

Gift them a customised notebook featuring their name or a motivational message on the front. Add a touch of humour by using their joke name that you call them, like 'biscuit steeler' or 'water cooler gossiper'. Tear out notepads are always handy for jotting down quick work notes, and a personalised touch makes them even more special. You can choose between lined and unlined paper with all of our personalised notebooks. 

 Personalised Meadow Flower Notebook

Stylish Planner Pad For Their Schedule

Help your work friend stay organised and motivated at work with a stylish planner pad. Choose a design that resonates with their taste and includes helpful features like goal-setting pages, to do lists and monthly calendar overviews. You can even choose from a personalised planner pad to make it an extra special gift.

Desk Plant or Succulent For A Touch Of Nature

Bring a bit of nature to their desk with a small desk plant or succulent. Not only does it add a touch of greenery, but it can also contribute to a positive and calming work environment. If they don't have green fingers, maybe stick to a succulent as these are well known for their hardiness and can go for a while without water. Want to pair your stationery with the desk plant? We always think dark green and gold looks beautiful together. 

Stationery Gift Box For The Extra Special Work Friend

If you are looking for some extra special stationery, then why not gift a premium stationery box filled with everything you might need for your friend's work desk. This stationery gift is perfect for the work colleague who likes everything to match perfectly. Who is organised and always tidy. You can choose from many different designs to suit their personality.

Botanical Planner Stationery Box

Gifting stationery to a work friend is not just about the practicality of the items but also about fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment. From personalized touches to functional upgrades, these stationery gifts are sure to make your work friend feel appreciated and valued in the shared journey through office adventures. Elevate their workspace, and you'll inevitably elevate the friendship that makes every workday brighter.

We believe the gift of stationery is the perfect present for a work friend. Why not get inspired and browse our stationery page, full of ideas. 

Making Meadows x