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Welcome to our enchanting Valentine's Day and Anniversary shop, where love (and stationery) takes centre stage. Discover a curated collection of heartfelt gifts, exquisite wrapping paper, and charming stationery that celebrate the magic of love and the joy of anniversaries. Our carefully selected products, including Gestures of Love Gifts, convey emotions that words alone cannot capture, making them perfect for commemorating special occasions.

Dive into a world of romance with our range of Valentine and Anniversary cards that speak the language of the heart. Each greeting card has been carefully hand painted and designed with love. Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary or expressing your love on Valentine's Day, our cards are crafted to evoke sentiment and create lasting memories. We have greeting cards perfect for a wedding anniversary as well as a perfect cards for a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Our Gestures of Love gifts are more than just tokens; they are reflections of the love and commitment that define Anniversaries and Valentine's Day. From romantic trinkets to elegant keepsakes, each item is carefully chosen to symbolise the beauty of enduring love and the joy of shared moments. Explore our stationery collection and find the perfect gift for your loved one to express your feelings.

Elevate the art of gift giving with our exclusive Anniversary and Valentine wrapping paper that transforms presents into visual expressions of love. Our wrapping paper is more than just a covering; it's a prelude to the heartfelt surprise that lies within. Choose from an array of designs that capture the essence of love, ensuring that your gifts make a statement even before they are unwrapped.

Unleash your creativity and spread love with our stationery gifts that embody the art of thoughtful expression. From elegant pens to personalised notebooks, our stationery collection allows you to pen down your emotions and create keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come.

As you browse through our Valentine's Day and Anniversary shop, let the keywords of love, romance, heartfelt gestures, and timeless celebrations guide you. We invite you to explore our curated selection and discover the perfect expressions of love for the special moments in your life. Embrace the magic of love with our unique and meaningful offerings, designed to make every Valentine's Day and anniversary truly unforgettable.

Our premium stationery is hand crafted by us in small batches in the UK or sourced from other UK businesses. Not only are our stationery designs unique, but they are practical too. Our Planner Desk Pads and our To Do List Pads help to keep your work and personal life organised. Our Desk Stationery has been curated to make your desk look pretty while also being functional. We have a selection of notebooks, scissors, pens and rulers to choose from. If you are looking for that extra special item, why not browse our collection of Personalised Notebooks. Our beautiful stationery often begins with a hand painted illustration, which certainly gives them a unique wow factor! It's always good to be a little bit different. At least that's what we think.

If you are looking for a gift for a stationery lover then you have definitely come to the right place. Our life is stationery, so we like to think we know what we are doing. We specialise in writing paper and all things beautiful for your desk. If you want a premium stationery gift, then look no further than our Stationery Gift Boxes. Each box is curated carefully to include a selection of matching stationery. They come packed in a gift box which is ready to gift. We also have Letter Writing Paper Sets and Recipe Cards that come in a selection of gift box options. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one such as your husband, wife or partner then why not check out our collection of For Your Loved Ones gifts. We have some great options for giving a sentimental and thoughtful gift to that special someone.

It normally goes hand in hand that when someone loves stationery they also love crafting. We have popped together a lovely selection of crafting materials that will help you to get started. Our decorated Sticker Sheets are perfect for adding a finishing touch to your handmade greeting card envelopes, or scrapbook pages. It is amazing how many uses you can find for a sticker. We also have a large collection of Washi Tape that also has a wealth of uses. We love to use washi tape to wrap our presents. Not only is it beautiful, but it is eco friendly too. Why not use our rustic Wooden Stamps to add a vintage feel to some Kraft envelopes. Or you could use them to decorate place cards, writing paper or stamp directly onto your scrapbook pages. If you love making your own greeting cards, don't forget to buy some Coloured Envelopes to pair with your designs. We have a lovely selection of coloured envelopes, ranging from blue envelopes, pink envelopes and a more vintage Kraft envelope which is perfect for wedding invitations.

Stationery for the writer is the core of our business. We specialise in writing paper of all varieties and should have something for everyone. If you are looking for that extra special letter writing set then look no further than our collection of Writing Paper With Envelopes. Each set has a pack of beautifully decorated envelopes to pair with your letter paper sheets. If you only fancy purchasing envelopes then we also sell a selection of Decorated Envelopes separately. That way you can truly mix and match the stationery you want and need. Our popular Ballpoint Pens are great for writing letters with and for keeping on your desk or in your handbag. They make lovely pens for your travel bag as you can click the nib in, so as to not get ink everywhere. Don't think we have forgetten about the keen reader. If you or a friend are an avid reader, then you will know that you can never have too many bookmarks. Our Beautiful Bookmarks come with the option to add a tassel to them or keep them plain. They make wonderful gifts to add inside an envelope when sending a hand written letter.