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The Language of Flowers & Their Symbolic Meaning

girl holding a bunch of flowers

Step into the enchanting world of flowers where every petal whispers sentiments of love, friendship, and hope. Flowers, with their timeless beauty, convey a symbolic language that transcends words. Join us on a journey through the garden as we explore the meanings behind some of nature's most cherished blossoms, including the unique and poignant symbolism of poppies. Here at Making Meadows we absolutely love flowers. Most of our stationery products feature florals, so it's always a great idea to delve deeper and understand some of the meaning behind the type of flowers we love to paint and feature on our Stationery. If you are a fan of floral stationery, then read on and prepare to delve into the language of flowers. 


Begin our floral journey with the classic rose, renowned for its role as a messenger of love. From the passion of red roses to the innocence of white, discover the nuanced messages woven into the colours of these timeless blooms.


Embrace the simplicity and charm of daisies, symbols of innocence and purity. Discover how these delicate blooms communicate sentiments of admiration and appreciation.

anniversary card with ladybirds and daisies


Delve into the world of lilies, where purity and renewal intertwine. Uncover the subtle meanings carried by varieties like the white lily, a symbol of virtue, and the stargazer lily, representing ambition.


Venture into the realm of orchids, exotic and alluring, representing beauty and refinement. Unearth the various meanings associated with orchids, conveying messages of love, strength, and charm.


Bask in the sunny disposition of sunflowers, symbolising adoration and loyalty. Explore how these cheerful blooms brighten days while expressing unwavering loyalty and friendship.

planner pad with sunflowers on


Explore the vibrant world of tulips, where each colour bears significance. From the deep love embodied by red tulips to the cheerful thoughts symbolised by yellow, learn to convey sentiments with precision through these delightful blooms.


Welcome the arrival of spring with daffodils, symbols of new beginnings. Delve into the poetic meanings behind these golden blossoms and the hope they bring for a brighter future.


Pause to reflect on the poignant symbolism of poppies, representing remembrance and hope. Learn how these vibrant blooms honour the past while offering a symbol of optimism for the future.

to do list with poppies on

In this vibrant bouquet of symbolism, the language of flowers unfolds, revealing messages that resonate across cultures and throughout time. As you gift or receive stationery with painted flowers on, take a moment to appreciate the rich meanings hidden within each painted bloom. Let the language of flowers add depth and emotion to your stationery.

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Making Meadows x