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How Stationery Becomes Your Wedding Planning Sidekick

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Embarking on the journey of planning a wedding is both thrilling and intricate, requiring meticulous organisation and thoughtful details. Amidst the digital age, the timeless charm of stationery steps into the spotlight, offering a tangible and personalised touch to your wedding planning journey. Join us as we explore how the art of stationery becomes your ultimate sidekick in crafting a wedding day that reflects your unique love story.

Thank You Postcards

Explore the art of expressing gratitude with thank you cards. From acknowledging gifts to appreciating your support system, let these thank you postcards become a heartfelt extension of your love and appreciation.

Thank you floral postcard

The Wedding Journal

Dive into the world of wedding journals, where every detail, from vendor contacts to inspiration clippings, finds a home. Craft a personalised planner that captures your vision, and let the tactile experience of penning down notes make your wedding planning journey even more special.

Save the Dates and Invitations

Unveil the significance of save the dates and invitations in setting the tone for your wedding. Discover how the perfect design and wording can convey the essence of your celebration, giving guests a sneak peek into the magic that awaits.


Handwritten Vows

Discover the beauty of handwritten vows on premium letter writing paper, where penning down your promises adds an intimate touch to your ceremony. Explore the art of calligraphy or choose stationery that complements the emotion behind your words. These wedding vows written on letter writing paper can be kept as a beautiful wedding keepsake memory.

Open When Envelopes

Everything you need to make sure you are close to your partner on your wedding day, even if you are getting ready separately. Gift these envelopes to your partner to take and open up throughout the day. Each envelope is labelled with moments like 'open when you are getting ready' or 'open when you feel nervous'. Inside you can write a short letter to them giving them reassurance or words of love. The most thoughtful wedding gift for your partner you could possibly give. By the time they see you at the end of the aisle, they will be even more madly in love with you.

open when wedding day envelopes

Seating Charts and Place Cards

Delve into the world of seating charts and place cards, where functionality meets elegance. Learn how these stationery elements not only guide guests but also contribute to the overall aesthetic, weaving a seamless thread through your wedding's visual narrative.


Envelopes, often overlooked in their significance, play a crucial role in the orchestration of your wedding stationery ensemble. These unassuming paper vessels become the first tactile introduction to the treasures within. Choose envelopes that not only complement your wedding theme but also add an extra layer of anticipation. Consider delicate calligraphy or personalised seals to elevate the envelope's allure. Whether it's the grand reveal of a save the date, the anticipation of an invitation, or the heartfelt exchange of thank you cards, the envelopes set the stage for the unfolding love story contained within.

botanical envelopes

To Do List Pads

In the whirlwind of wedding preparations, the humble to do list emerges as your steadfast companion, offering structure and clarity to the intricate dance of planning. Embrace the power of lists as your organising ally, breaking down daunting tasks into manageable steps. Craft a master checklist encompassing everything from venue visits to dress fittings, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Tailor individualised lists for specific aspects like floral arrangements, seating charts, or vendor coordination. The act of crossing off completed tasks brings a sense of accomplishment and propels you forward on this exciting journey.

Guest Book & Pen

Celebrate the tradition of a guest book but with a contemporary twist. Explore creative ideas for a signature guest book, where guests can leave heartfelt messages and well wishes, creating a cherished keepsake that lasts a lifetime. Don't forget to pair your guest book with a beautiful pen. It's those little touches that make that special day perfect.

white and gold pen

As you embark on the exciting adventure of planning your wedding, let stationery be more than just a tool—it becomes a storyteller, a designer, and a keeper of memories. From the initial planning stages to the heartfelt moments of gratitude, stationery weaves itself seamlessly into the fabric of your love story. As you craft forever, let the tangible beauty of stationery guide you, leaving behind a trail of memories that are as timeless as your love.

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