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It's A Bugs Life... or is it?

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Imagine trying to travel around the UK without our road and rail network. Or imagine if nine out of every ten miles of road just didn’t exist – life would be impossible! That is the situation faced by our vital pollinators and other bugs. B-Lines is Buglife’s unique solution.

Making Meadows have partnered up with the charity Buglife. With every purchase of a Personalised Writing Paper Set, we will donate £1.50 to their B-Line project. B-lines are a series of insect pathways consisting of wildflowers that link up existing wildlife areas across the UK. These B-Lines help bees, butterflies and other wildlife to navigate across the countryside. Your £1.50 helps to plant 6 square meters of wildflower. To learn more about our charity partnership, click here.

With only the short amount of time that we have been working with Buglife, we have managed to donate, with the help of YOU, enough to plant approximately 1800 square metres of wildflower!

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Our bees, butterflies and hover-flies have suffered badly over the last fifty years, due to changes in land use as a result of modern farming methods, urban spread and new transport links. Over 97% (an area the size of Wales) of all flower-rich grasslands have been lost in England since the 1930s, reducing pollen and nectar sources and leading to a serious decline in the wildlife depending on wildflower-rich habitat.

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing to ensure we are an eco friendly company, then have a look at our Sustainability Journey

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We will continue to work with and donate to Buglife and are excited to do our small part to help the world become a better place, starting from the ground up and focusing on the little things... and the little bugs. 

Shop Our Personalised Letter Writing Paper Collection today and help all those tiny creatures who need your support. 

Making Meadows x