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Creative Ways to Propose Using Stationery

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Love is a story waiting to be written, and what better way to script the next chapter than with a touch of creativity and stationery magic? In this blog post, we'll explore imaginative and heartfelt ways to use stationery for those unforgettable proposal moments that will be cherished forever.

Personalised Love Notes

Begin the journey to "forever" with handwritten love notes. Scatter these special handwritten letters throughout your partner's daily routine, leading them to a romantic spot where you'll be waiting to pop the question. If you are looking for some beautiful letter writing paper that your partner will want to cherish forever, you have come to the right place. 

Scavenger Hunt of the Heart

Craft a whimsical scavenger hunt using personalised clues. Each note could reveal a cherished memory or a clue leading to the next destination, ultimately culminating in a heartfelt proposal. If you struggle to write clues, we have done the hard work for you with our Love Scavenger Hunt Kit.

scavenger hunt

Message in a Bottle

Seal your hand written letter of love in a message bottle adorned. Float it into a bubble bath surrounded by petals or present it as a surprise during a beachside picnic, unveiling your proposal in a truly romantic fashion.

Proposal Advent Calendar

Craft an advent calendar filled with love notes, each representing a day leading up to the grand proposal. The final day could hold a ring or a key to a special place. 

12 Reasons Why I Love You

Let your partner know how amazing they are by giving them 12 reasons why you love them. You can write them down and seal them in cute envelopes. Hang them up on some string and get ready for them to discover each one individually. Don't forget to write 'Will you marry me?' in the last envelope and get ready to get down on one knee. We have taken the hard work out of this and have a beautiful 12 Reasons Why I Love You Kit, ready for you to hang up and use. 

12 reasons why I love you kit

Skywriting Surprise

Send your love soaring by writing your proposal on a paper airplane or kite. Watch it take flight, carrying your message to new heights and creating an unforgettable moment.

Whimsical Balloon Messages

Attach handwritten love notes to helium balloons, letting them float to the ceiling. Your partner will be enchanted as they read each note and discover the final balloon with your proposal.


Scratch To Reveal

Ask your favourite person to become your fiancé by watching them scratch the heart away on the front of the secret proposal card. Once the heart is scratched away the words 'Will you marry me?' are secretly revealed! The perfect proposal surprise! This scratch to reveal proposal is not just an invitation; it's a moment suspended in time, etching itself into the hearts of both giver and receiver.

scratch to reveal will you marry me proposal card

In the world of love and proposals, stationery becomes the storyteller, weaving together moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether through handwritten notes, creative scavenger hunts, or whimsical balloon messages, let the magic of stationery guide you as you script the next beautiful chapter of your love story. Happy proposing!

Still need inspiration, browse our Gifts For Loved Ones, where you will find some many options to make that special proposal even more epic. 

Making Meadows x