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A Love Letter to Our Favourite Stationery Hue

gold metal ruler with pink tassels

At Making Meadows, we're unabashedly head over heels for a colour that radiates charm, sweetness, and a touch of whimsy—pink. As we dive into the world of stationery, we can't help but celebrate the allure of this delightful hue. Join us in a love letter to pink stationery, where functionality meets femininity, and every stroke of the pen is dipped in rosy dreams.

1. The Power of Pink: An Affair of the Heart

Pink isn't just a color; it's an emotion. It embodies a spectrum of sentiments, from the soft blush of romance to the vibrant hues of joy. Our love affair with pink stationery is an affair of the heart, where each shade tells a story and adds a dash of warmth to the written word. This is why we knew we had to bring out a collection of Pink Writing Paper. Perfect for writing letters to all those strong independent women you know. 

pink letter writing paper


2. Pretty Pages: Pink Notebooks and Journals

There's something undeniably enchanting about opening a pink notebook or journal. The blush-toned pages invite creativity and self-expression, providing a canvas for thoughts, dreams, and doodles. A pink notebook is more than stationery; it's a sanctuary for your innermost musings.

3. Elegance in Every Stroke: Pink Pens and Pencils

Witness the transformation of ordinary writing instruments into tools of elegance with the infusion of pink. From delicate pastels to bold fuchsias, pink pens and pencils add a touch of sophistication to your desk, turning the act of writing into a stylish affair. Don't forget that pink pens can be eco friendly too. We have a stunning collection of wheat straw pens. This sustainable and durable pen is made from the left over stalks from harvested wheat.

pink eco pen


4. Enveloped in Sweetness: Pink Envelopes and Stationery Sets

Sending a letter becomes an experience when it's wrapped in the sweetness of pink envelopes. Our love for pink extends beyond individual pieces to complete stationery sets, where coordinated designs create a harmonious and visually pleasing package.

5. The Power of Pink in Planning: Pink Planners and Calendars

Planning becomes a joyous task with the help of pink planners and calendars. The visual appeal of the color infuses a sense of positivity into your schedule, turning routine tasks into opportunities for creative organisation.

pink dog planner pad

6. A Pop of Pink on Your Desk: Desk Accessories

Introduce a pop of pink to your workspace with desk accessories. From gold rulers with pink tassels to washi tape with slashes of pink illustrations, these functional items are not only useful but also add a dose of vibrancy and style to your desk decor.

6. Express Yourself with Pink Notes: To Do List Pads

To Do List Pads and notebooks take on a new level of style when bathed in the rosy glow of pink. Use them for quick reminders, annotations, or to inject a bit of personality into your workspace. Pink to do lists are not just organisation tools; they're small bursts of inspiration which will brighten up your day. Who said stationery can't be pretty and functional?

8. Pretty Packaging: Pink Gift Wrapping

Extend the love of pink beyond your desk and into the world of gifting. Whether wrapping a present or selecting a gift, pink adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness and charm to your expressions of affection.

pink wrapping paper


At Making Meadows, our affection for pink stationery goes beyond aesthetics—it's a celebration of the emotions, creativity, and joy that this color brings to our lives. Whether you're a fan of soft pastels or bold fuchsias, pink stationery is more than a choice; it's an expression of love for the art of writing and the beauty of self-expression. Join us in celebrating the magic of pink paper stationery, where every stroke of the pen is dipped in the rosy hues of possibility.

Feeling inspired by colour? Shop All Things Pink and feel the positivity.

Making Meadows x